RUTE 360 Webinar Series: «STOPnMOVE»

  • Título/Title: «STOPnMOVE.» Teacher training is built as a complex, dynamic and interactive process. It is therefore important to establish networks that enable participation in training spaces and contexts, By sharing knowledge, teachers exchange experiences and build collaborative understanding about learning. Teachers are called either to intervene as a trainer or as a trainee. This webinar challenges teachers to rethink their role, identity (s) and perspectives within their practices (Stop), enhancing children’s centrality in learning contexts (Nmove).
  • Ponente/Speaker: Daniela Gonçalves. Escola Superior de Educação de Paula Frassinetti y Universidade Católica Portuguesa (ESEPF; FEP-UCP / ECHR) (Oporto)
  • Fecha/Date: 7 de Noviembre, 2019- 18.00 h (GMT+2)
  • Plataforma/Platform: Adobe Connect, Universidad de Extremadura. .
  • Duración aproximada/Duration: 1 hour
  • Idioma/Language: English

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